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The Dentist Blogger

Name is Kathleen Navarro. Was born on the 19th of October at Quezon City. 
Living in ParaƱaque City. Currently studying Doctor of Dental Medicine at the University of Perpetual Help System Dalta

Owner of Khei Shop, an online shopping store, since 2010. Does bazaar occasionally when permitted by time schedule. Loves to shop online as well. Selling not just for profit but for the feeling that I earn money even a little for myself and gaining real friends. I also got to try different brands of cosmetics and other health care products.

Loves to do charity works with my family ♥ Enjoys studying ♥ Loves every minute I'm with my loved ones ♥ Loves to write but don't know how to start ♥ Loves music but music hates me ♥ 
Love to dance ♥ Love to edit photos ♥ Love to capture every heart-warming portraits ♥ Love to try different things ♥ Enjoys mountain hiking with my family ♥ Loves to eat but doesn't really
get fat ♥ Love Seafoods ♥ Addicted in playing SIMS I, II, III (And now the SIMS 4!)!! ♥ Love my blog followers and readers ♥

My hates? I just blew them away from me. I don't give importance with my hates.
It's just a waste of time!!!

My wishes?
♥ To finish college ♥
♥ To become a dentist regardless where I'll practice my profession ♥
♥ To own a fashion boutique ♥
♥ Have my own house and car ♥
♥ And probably, start my own family when everything's in the right place ♥

I know I'm not a professional blogger... But I hope to get your attention from my
simple blog, with simple thoughts, with a simple want and that is to share
my knowledge and/or opinion of a certain product/service I had used hand-in-hand ♥

Follow my social accounts:
Instagram: @khei_shop & @athley02
Facebook: www.fb.com/kheishoppage
Twitter: @kheishop

Love Lots, 

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